Why Do I Need Facebook Ad to Skyrocket My eCommerce Sales and Growth?

In 2015, retail eCommerce sales worldwide amounted to $1.55 trillion USD and are projected to grow to $3.4 trillion USD by 2019. In the USA alone, according to the US Census, ecommerce has grown 12% in just Q2 of 2016 alone, and over 24% in the last 2 years. In other words: it shows no signs of slowing down. Combine that with Facebook’s Q3 2016 results: 1.79 billion monthly active users, and almost 1.2 billion daily active users, and you can begin to see the simultaneous trend of explosive growth.

There’s more people on Facebook than there were alive 100 years ago (source: Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile). So while the growth of both ecommerce and Facebook is undeniable, the real question is this: how can you connect these two platforms together and grow your business?

Facebook is a place where we go to connect with family and friends, and - as much as we’d like to say otherwise - to have a fun distraction. Unlike so many other ad platforms (like AdWords), Facebook is not about demand fulfillment, but instead, about demand generation.

On Facebook, businesses generate curiosity, interest, and—eventually—sales of their product. Most people on the app aren’t “searching” for a product that will add more value to their lives; they’re searching for that next funny or emotional status update. For you, as an ecommerce store owner, Facebook is your theatre to display your product to the world. It’s an opportunity to showcase the additional value you can bring to someone’s life. It’s a place where you can reconnect with previous customers and a venue where you can start new relationships with people who would have otherwise never even seen your business.

As Black Friday Cyber Monday and the holiday season approaches, store owners will begin scrambling to get the word out about their sales. Display ads, email marketing, and retargeting are some of the most common methods, but there’s one overlooked strategy that has the potential to drive a lot of customers to your store

How do you get set, get seen, and get selling during the busiest shopping season of the year? Cut through the noise and be prepared — Black Friday Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season are coming up faster than you think!
Luckily, there’s a simple solution: a course on how to get your first sale on Shopify! This free video course offers 20 video modules showing you how to make your first sale on Shopify using Facebook Ads. Covering everything from brand differentiation to pixel placement to campaign optimization, this course is designed to show you how easy it is to start and scale your business with Shopify.

Facebook ecommerce and advertising on Facebook is a powerful ways to generate revenue and an essential part of any ecommerce entrepreneur's plan to grow a long-lasting online business. With Shopify's Messenger channel, Facebook Page integration, and Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs, you’ll be able to reach the right audience and generate more sales on the world's largest social network..Here are a few ideas on how to increase your ecommerce business’ sales using Facebook:

Activate the Shopify Messenger channel to turn conversations with potential customers into sales

Activate the Shop section of your Facebook page Set up your Facebook page’s Call to Action button to direct people to your online store

Read Shopify’s Guide to Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs to learn everything you need to know in order to successfully—and profitably—use Facebook Ads for your ecommerce business.

Shopify's Amazon Integration: With the Amazon sales channel, merchants can sell on the world’s largest online marketplace simply and conveniently through Shopify. They can create Amazon listings, manage inventory, and fulfill orders all from the comfort of Shopify.

Shopify's eBay Integration: Shopify and eBay have partnered to give merchants access to eBay’s customer base of over 171 million buyers. Merchants based in the U.S. and selling in USD can easily list and sell on eBay while conveniently managing the fulfillment and inventory process within Shopify.

Shopify's Chip & Swipe Reader: The new Chip & Swipe Reader, Shopify’s first in-house designed hardware, is designed with the future of retail in mind. Its versatility and affordability meets the needs of merchants selling in person, whether it’s in store, or at a pop-up, festival, or market.


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